Hurricane Maria Aftermath:

The Self-Portrait Factory wants to be a part of the reconstruction of our island, Puerto Rico after it was hit by Hurricane María.  Just as other local and international organizations, we want to contribute our knowledge at this crucial time. We regard storytelling as a powerful tool.  It is important to support our community by helping them tell their own stories.

Our focus is on children from 8 to 12 years old who can see themselves as heroes after the storm.  By using a participatory filmmaking philosophy we can use film as part of the healing process of the children.  At the same time, we are creating a visual archive of this significant moment in history. Ten years in the future perhaps we will be able to revisit these stories and their protagonists.

With this fund, we will be able to reach remote communities around the island.  In addition to the immediate positive impact of expressing their current situation through the art of film,  the children will benefit from an educational experience in the arts and technology that will have a great impact on their future.  As part of the workshop, we provide hot meals, drinking water and other educational materials for the participants. Your donations will go to supporting the scholarship fund for the participants.  

The project will also provide visibility for the communities which continue to struggle after the hurricane.  The project will have its own website where you will not only be able to see the short films that will be produced, but also the process of the workshop in each community.  We hope the website also connects donors directly with the families in need of support. Our project is a celebration of human resilience.

Thank you for your support!