The Sahara Film School opened its doors to international filmmakers with our self-portrait workshop in 2012.  Located at the Sahrawi Refugee camp in Tindouf, Algeria, the Sahara Film School comes to fill an educational and cultural need among the young adults in the refugee camps.  The Sahrawi refugee camps were set up in 1975-76 when Sahrawi refugees were fleeing the Western Sahara War. With most of the original refugees still living in the camps, the situation is among the most long-drawn-out in the world. We worked with 17 students during a three-week workshop were they crafted their films.  Among the films, Liha’s story (Autorretrato de Liha) stands out because of its unique approach to telling her story. Instead of reenacting her story, Liha retells her years of blindness through her neighbor who has turned blind. When we do self-portraits, we can also capture ourselves in someone else’s story.